Dancing With The Sea
Dancing With The Sea
Paulo Ouellet

The Average Paddler Can Have Extraordinary Skills

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Photo by William Maderas

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Why Join?

  • Get the mindset to feel at home in nature.
  • The skills to create your own life changing adventures.
  • Learn how to move to avoid disturbing the wildlife.
  • Learn to listen to the birds and know what is going on.
  • Be inspired to go on more wilderness adventure.
  • And much more.

Who It's For

Maybe you feel great after a kayak trip. I wonder if you could be inspired to go on more adventures. Maybe even go on a life changing kayak expedition you never imagine possible for you. You may notice that when you spend time in nature you feel rejuvenated, and the feeling stays with you for a while afterwards. Maybe it makes you more calm, more at peace, like everything is just fine the way it is. As you may realize, when you deepen your connection with nature, your higher quality experience brings more peace of mind to your every day life.

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What You Get 

  • A place to meet like minded people. 
  • Learn and inspire each other and share your stories.
  • Find the experts who can coach you when you want to go deeper on a topic. 
  • Learn about what you didn't even know was possible. 
  • Be inspired to take your nature connection to a much higher level.

The Structure

  • Interviews with experts on various topics.
  • Online and offline courses, and workshops.
  • This website optimized for conversation.
  • Content organized to make it easy to use as a reference.
  • Polls to encourage you to have a say about where this community is going.
  • Monthly themes to keep the conversation focused. Each topic will take you closer to being more a part of nature.

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What is it?

We’re here to help you feel at home in the wild because that’s what nurtures our relationship with nature. It’s what brings you emotional health and a sense of well being. 

Why I'm Creating This Community.

When I  moved back to the city 20 years ago,  I was spending most of my free time outdoors. I started kayaking, explored every park around the city, and went camping every chance I got.  Over the years I noticed myself spending more time indoors, with the result of feeling less connected to nature. I notice the impact is has on my aliveness, and it makes me want to turn this around.

The funny thing is After an outdoors adventure I always think wow, I feel so rejuvenated, I’m so glad I did this. I never feel that way when I choose to stay inside watching Netflix. But increasingly often I do choose the easier path.

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